Ambika Bhatt

Sales Coordinator

10 years back I stepped into Indiana Group and ever since then I am learning and learning

I feel proud to have completed 10 successful years with the Group. Working here has been a feeling of utmost satisfaction & I hope to complete many more such years.

I would like to thank our Management who believed in me and gave opportunity to work. I feel highly obliged for the wonderful guidance that has been provided throughout my journey till now and for always inspiring me to achieve more.

The Management has always been very supportive to its employees and especially amid covid pandemic. The kind of benefits and facilities that have been extended to employees during these trying times are worth appreciating. Needless to mention about the friendly and amazing work culture at Indiana, which is the most enjoyable part of working with the organisation.

I would like to render my gratitude and appreciation to the Management for excellent leadership and for being such wonderful people. I can proudly say that “We are Indiana Family “.

T D Laxmi Narasimhan

Senior Manager Marketing

When I joined “Indiana” ten years back, I was wondering whether I can sustain in this new profile as the products of gratings, cable trays and hand rails are project oriented fabricated items and since my previous experience has majorly been in industrial consumable product sales and dealer network, this role was totally different for me. However, I feel fortunate to have been provided with full support and guidance in learning new things which has tremendously helped me in establishing my position in the organisation and in achieving great results so far.

Flexibility in working is an added advantage and we are suitably appreciated for the good job done. Needless to mention that timely receipt of salaries even during this pandemic has been a great relief for all.

Just to mention that myself and my family were diagnosed with covid positive last month and the immediate moral support I got from our MD, CEO, HRD and all other colleagues was very encouraging and very timely which is highly appreciated.

I am very happy to continue my services at Indiana Gratings; as a proud and a happy employee.

Prem Gupta

Deputy Manager Design

I walked in INDIANA GROUP 15 years before and never looked back. The group is driven by conviction that values performance, customer orientation, team collaboration and corporate social responsibility. As part of Indiana Gratings private limited, I have experienced professionalism and system orientation in order execution and documentation.

Freedom to work, think and to present ideas and suggestions to management is something that I always cherish working here. It feels good to be part of such a wonderful organization and I continue to look forward to being associated with the Group.

Ganesh Shetty

DGM – Works

I am associated with Indiana Group since 2011. Looking back, I cherish the wonderful 9 years. At times, going was very tough but now I realise that those very moments were the most important phases of learning and made me the person I am today.

At the start of my journey here, I was mostly associated with development of facility, capacity, and capability of STEEL STRUCTURES. It has been extremely enriching experience both professionally and personally as I could contribute my bit and see the vertical taking shape from baby steps to evolving as one of strongest pillars of Indiana.

I am grateful for the opportunities offered to me during this long association and consider myself fortunate enough to have worked closely with Senior management of this organization. I am amazed by their passion, never say die attitude, core business values, professional and commercial acumen, and highest degree of commitment to client. I truly understood what one of my teachers used to say at school that what remains with us forever is what teachers teach out of the book and not from the book. Those are nothing but lessons for life. In Indiana, I learned a lot under the tree of WISDOM. I am extremely grateful to life for that.

Vijay Parab

AVP (Project)

I am working with the company since last 6 years. In my experience Indiana is a progressive company of 1000 plus team members driven by conviction that values culture of team building, creativity, performance driven environment, customer focus and social responsibility. The company has unrivaled vision, innovation and execution. Environment here is conducive for innovative thinking that will meet the needs of global customers through continuous development. Teamwork is aligned to business decision, each member contributes to it, and is accountable for its success with humbleness.

The company achieves its social responsibility by providing hygienic conditions in schools, promoting women empowerment in nearby villages, enhancing vocational skills etc. This results in positive employee relations due to community partnership and local involvement.

Ashish Ashar

General Manager (Marketing)

The moment, I walked in to the office of Indiana about 25 years back, I wanted to work here. Am still grappling that, is it the adrenaline Josh to succeed? Or the natural thirst to be number one ? Or the most reliable, ethical and passionate people to work with. When I walk thru the world class manufacturing facilities, it gives a sense of pride and confidence. A lot has been achieved and lot more to be accomplished.

Prathap Kumar

AGM (Estimation)

Indiana group is almost 50 years old company having a very good brand name in the market. After my first company, I feel that ICPL is one of the company that provided me best opportunities for learning, which purely depends on individual interest and attitude and even till today I am learning something new. It has a good management with best financial back-up. Employee preferring work satisfaction as first choice may prefer to work with this company.

This company definitely provides opportunities to take additional responsibility, which purely depends on individual initiatives. ICPL has good working atmosphere and employees have freedom to work individually for the interest of the Company. ICPL can attain new heights with proper and timely execution of projects.

Manish Shedge

Sr. Manager (Hr & Admin)

It’s been quite a good experience working with Indiana for past almost 31 years now.  At Indiana if you have the enthusiasm and want to grow, then this is the right place for you. I joined Indiana as a fresher. The culture at Indiana is based on team spirit, integration of skills and group work. Each day is a new day and I have never stopped learning at Indiana. Here I have got ample scope to improve my skills on a continuous basis. The Management is very supportive and approachable.

I have grown with the company and seeing the number of initiatives that have been taken by Indiana, there are in fact no boundaries when it comes to opportunities for growth. The daily work pressure and challenges just seem to melt away with great mentors, colleagues and an excellent work culture, boosting every individual to give their best at all times. I feel good to be a part of such a wonderful organization and look forward to continued growth with Indiana.



Arif Sayed

Sr. General Manager (Marketing)

Indiana is a BRAND name in the manufacturing industry. Company has been capable of maintaining its hold in the market and has overcome its shortcomings over the years. As a second company of my career, it is by far the best company to work with. Indiana has given me ample opportunities to learn, experience and develop my skills to great extent and making me what I am today. I am very satisfied with the work and responsibilities entrusted on me and have been able to deliver to the satisfaction of the Company. With the pace of working on Projects in hand & expected in present conditions, Indiana will surely reach to new heights and grow in multiples in Project execution in Bulk Material Handling business.