Malleable Steel Dowel Connectors

Dowel Connectors are available for 20, 25, 30 and 40mm nominal bore tube with galvanized finish each dowel l is supplied with 2 nos. 6mm diameter allen screws.

Malleable Steel Dimple Connector

Dowel Connectors are available for 25 nominal bore tube only and are supplied with galvanized finish. The connectors are secured to the rail by dimples spaced at 12.5mm or 25mm from the end of tubing.

Spring Joints

Spring Joints are simple, strong, neat and ideal for onsite use.They are made from plastic coated spring steel ferrule, which can be easily pressed using a clamp and is then inserted inside a pipe. Once the clamp is released, the ferrule expands fits on the inner surface of the thereby tightening the joint.