Hot rolled Sections

Our shop for the hot rolled beams is well equipped with state of the art fully automatic CNC machines to process all types of materials sections like beams, plates, channels, and angles.

The machines are connected with LAN through which nested numerical codes are being transferred from nesting software computers.

The entire operation of marking, cutting and drilling is CNC operated in accordance with nesting files without any manual interference in the operation cycle eliminating any room for manual error.

Fabrication efficiency and quality both are controlled by the machines.

Built-Up Sections

The Built-up beam section shop is equipped with submerged arc welding line with conveyor system for the manufacturing of various types of beams such as “H”,“T”,“I”, BOX and PLUS type.

The fabrication facility is installed with state-of-the-art material handling system with cross bay trolleys, using hydraulic and electrical operated roller conveyors and 18 EOT cranes with maximum SWL capacity of 25 tonnes to handle the structural steel safely and efficiently.

The fabrication area of built-up sections is equipped with

  • 14 nos - Saw welding machines
  • 03 nos - CNC profile cutting machines
  • 02 nos - I/ H beam assembly Machines
  • 01 nos - Flange straightening machine
  • 01 nos - Face milling machine used for column

Product Range

Flange width: 200-900 mm
Web height: 400 - 2000 mm
Length of beam: 4000 - 20000 mm
Flange thickness: 6 -100 mm
Web thickness: 6 -100 mm
Wlidth: 400mm x 400mm-900mm x 900mm
Length: up to 12000 mm
PLUS Beam Max Weight of Individual Piece: 35 Ton
Max size of column: 900 x 900 mm
Range of plates used: 16 -100 mm
Length of beam: 4000 -20000 mm
Width: 900 mm
Height: 400 - 2000 mm
Length: Up to 13000 mm.