Our code of Business Ethics

Indiana is committed to ethical conduct and to the principles embedded in our system.

Our Business Ethics reflect our requirements and standards in our daily business.

They represent our commitment in particular with regard to respect and dignity towards each other, safe working conditions, environmental responsibility and sustainable processes.

Corporate Governance

We consider Corporate Governance to be an integrated, holistic approach that encompasses all corporate values, processes and goals which ensures the success of our group.

Business Conduct Guidelines

Integrity guides our conduct towards our customers, suppliers, and the general public - this basic statement is the foundation of the Business Conduct Guidelines.
To a substantial degree, our group's public image is determined by our behavior and by the way each of us presents and conducts himself or herself.

  • We all share the responsibility for having our group meet its Corporate Social Responsibility worldwide
  • We recognize that local customs, traditions and practices may differ and as a global group, we respect local laws and customs while supporting international laws and regulations
  • We refuse the use of child labor and ensure that our processes reflect this
  • We refuse unlawful discrimination of any kind, and we promote diversity
  • We develop flexible working conditions to promote a healthy balance between work and personal life​
  • We promote the training and personal development of our team members. We respect health and safety regulations in our working environment
  • We require our team members to maintain confidentiality with regard to all information to which they have access, in accordance with applicable laws
  • We refuse bribery and corruption in business practices
  • We are sensitive to environmental impact and promote environmentally friendly policies