We at Indiana are committed to maintaining the highest levels of quality, health, safety and environment in our business practices and operations and aim to be considered as a leader in Quality, health, safety and environmental performance in our industry.

​A key element in the area of social responsibility is our commitment to conduct business in a manner that protects the natural and social environment, maintains a continual safety program for the workplace, and promotes sound occupational health standards among our employees.

​We are committed to operate our business with the health and safety of our employees and surrounding community as well protection of our environment as our key priority.

The management of Indiana sets objectives and targets for quality, health, safety and environment issues and regularly monitors how these are achieved.

​The management is also responsible for ensuring that the Occupational Health Safety and Environment management system of the organization complies with rules and regulations, as per Indiana’s QHSE policy, directives of OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001 standards.

Because of Indiana’s footprint in various parts of the world, it continues to learn and adapt world class QHSE policies and continues to adhere to international norms.

​We do this by creating awareness about quality, health and safety issues; ensuring our personnel are well-informed and up-to-date on care and protection methods as well as risk management options.

​Our QHSE department ensures that all inspections and audits are carried out regularly and in accordance with the strictest requirements. The department also ensures that tools, tackles and equipment are regularly tested by relevant agencies.

​We ensure all staff undergo safety inductions and job specific training to avoid personal injury and occupational hazard.

Our Inspiration

We have been inspired by the speech of Severn Suzuki who silenced the world for 5 minutes speaking at United Nations Earth Summit 1992 on Environment issues. The video of the speech is available on our website and we strongly urge you to take five minutes out of your schedule to view and listen to this inspiring video