The fabrication facility is installed with state-of-the-art material handling system with cross bay trolleys, using hydraulic and electrical operated roller conveyors and 18 EOT cranes with maximum SWL capacity of 25 tonnes to handle the structural steel safely and efficiently.

Our fabrication facility is well equipped with fully automatic CNC controlled machines to process all types of sections like plates, channels.

CNC Band Saw Machine

CNC Band Saw Machine offers wide swivel range with up to ±30° on both sides. Material can be fed from either side of machine and clamped at 90° to the blade. The accumeasure equipment measures required beam length for cutting

CNC Beam Drill Line

The BDL-1250/9D Drill Line offers powerful spindle capabilities. Combining sophisticated Siemens electronics, heavy duty carbide drilling, and superior feedback the BDL- 1250/9D drill spindle is extremely versatile and efficient.

A three spindle drilling unit in each drilling axis eliminates the need to change tooling in programs with up to three hole diameters. High speed drilling of up to 1800 RPM and feed rates of nearly 686 millimeters per minute.

Robotic oxy-fuel CNC coping machine

Robotic oxy-fuel CNC coping machine for beam coping, flange tinning, straight cutting and circular cutting for holes can be done with its automated 5 axis controls, X-axis travel 46" y-axis travel 76" z axis travel 30" b-axis travel 270deg (bevel angle) C-axis travel 270deg (torch rotation) rapid traverse speed of 100-400 rpm cutting speed of 730.

High Speed Flat Drill and Burn

Applying innovative cutting techniques, the High speed flat drill and burn machine can mark, drill and cut using dual cutting technology of plasma and oxy-fuel with 8 automatic tool changer. It has a high speed drilling capacity using carbide drill tips with hole to hole accuracy of 0.1 mm. Minimum plate thickness of 5 mm up to 75 mm can be processed with plate width of 2500 mm and length up to 6300 mm.

Using Edge Start Cutting technology, parts are processed from the edge of material; eliminating outside remnant or skeleton scrap. Utilizing powerful plate nesting software SDS- Shop Data Standards, common structural parts such as base plates and splice plate connections can be processed while yielding virtually zero scrap.

Sophisticated material handling, carbide drilling technology and the absolute latest in plasma cutting techniques make the High speed flat drill and burn machine the most modern plate processor in the world today.

High speed Flat Punch and Burn

High speed Flat Punch and Burn is a plate processing machine which uses punch bits for hole punching and HPR 200 plasma cutting. It has roller which grips the plate and moves back and forth for accurate punching of hole dimensions and then for cutting minimum plate of 5 mm to maximum plate thickness of 12 mm which can be processed in this machine. It has 3 punching heads which can punch 3 different hole diameter in a single program process.

CNC Oxy-fuel cutting machine

The Oxy-fuel cutting machine CNC based control with 8 torch Oxy - fuel gas straight cutting and 1 torch with profile cutting machine.

Beam assembly machine

Automatic H beam assembly machine is used in a wide variety of H and I beam assembly, such as symmetry, asymmetry, variable cross-section assembly and spot-welding. Adopting twin-direction automatic centering unit, this production machine can automatically accomplish steel plate centered fixing with no need of manual adjustment.

CNC Profile Cutting Machine

As a high-performance, heavy-duty CNC gantry machine with a rail span of 3,000 to 8,500 mm, the SUPRAREX SXE thus forms the solid foundation for economical cutting with oxy fuel, with a VISION control system and COLUMBUS programming software for part nesting from ESAB.

The Oxy-fuel cutting machine CNC based control with 8 torch Oxy - fuel gas straight cutting and 1 torch with profile cutting machine.

Submerged Arc Welding Machine

SAW Machine is mainly used for automatic submerged arc-welding for H and I profile sections, the automatic bidirectional guide-arc device adopts the straight line guide so it can achieve high accurate dynamic tracing for seams welding.