Customized Gratings

Rectangular Gratings
Rectangular gratings as the name suggests are non-radial gratings which may or may not include cut-outs / openings.

Circular Gratings
Indiana also offers gratings for circular or radial layout as per client requirement. These are primarily installed around vessels or on tanks.

Heavy Duty Gratings
Heavy Duty Gratings are designed to service applications subject to heavy rolling and static loads. Since conditions can range from light to heavy vehicular traffic, heavy duty gratings are manufactured in a wide range of bearing bar sizes and spacing.
​It is used extensively throughout mining, power generation, highways, airfields and on truck terminal loading docks and ramps.
Trench Gratings
Trench gratings are used around pools, sidewalks, residential and commercial areas as well as peripheral areas in industrial sites that require surface drainage in shallow excavations. They are also used in underground car park in both residential and commercial establishments.
Offshore Gratings
Due to the tropical and marine environmental conditions and working conditions at offshore, there are two important points that must be considered. First, the bar gratings should have strong nonslip characteristics due to oily and slippery surface of floors, walkways on offshore platforms.​

Secondly, the gratings must have enhanced anti-corrosion coating due to high corrosive conditions. For specifically offshore conditions, Indiana has the capability to supply galvanized gratings with higher zinc coating to ensure better protection along with seal welding to ensure minimum porosity to avoid corrosion. Additionally, these can be heavy duty gratings with bearing bars thickness up to 10 mm for longer life. heavy duty gratings with bearing bars thickness up to 10 mm for longer life.

Indiana also provides stainless steel (SS 316 / 316L) electroforged gratings which have high corrosion resistance for installation in areas such as boat landing which are exposed to seawater..

Steel Gratings
Stainless Steel gratings are preferred where the application demands for hygienic and anticorrosive gratings. Stainless steel gratings are mainly used in industries such as food processing, pharma, chemical, off shore platforms, petrochemical, water treatment plants, hydro processing, and breweries.

Indiana offers Stainless Steel gratings with SS 304, 304L, 316 and 316L grade materials.

Stair treads

We manufacture a wide range of stair treads in various types and sizes. Stair treads are manufactured/fabricated using gratings with checkered plate nosing options and can be supplied with or without carrier plate. They can be made to suit any stair or tread opening and are furnished complete with pre-punched and slotted End Plates ready to bolt to the stringers.

Indiana offers ex-stock stair treads for landing as per following standard dimensions:

FRP Gratings

Indiana can provide Fibreglass Reinforced Plastic gratings (FRP) for walkways and other allied usages in Moulded and Pultruded types.  FRP gratings are used in installations where optimum chemical resistance, fire retardance, high strength to weight ratio, electrical insulation and ultraviolet protection are primary requirements.