Traditional method of attaching gratings – drill / bolt to beams. Holes are drilled into the beam to suit 1/4“ (inch) screws, and the screw is fitted after which the nut can be screwed on from below. Alternatively the hole in the beam can be threaded and the clip can be fitted from the above. To be used where site welding and drilling is not at all allowed.

Slotted Clamps

On sites where welding is not permitted or for removable gratings use saddle clip and slotted clamp as shown.

Tag Welding

Traditional fastening method for Grating is tag welding the gratings to the support. Grating clips / clamps are used to attach grating to structural members. They are applied with simple hand tools with no power tools needed.

HILTI Clamps

Indiana also supplies HILTI Clamps. They are sturdy, attractive and easy to fix.